2015-03-11: Bistro Moustache at the Caffe Trieste, March 27

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 5:02:07 AM

Hello again,

last spam (er, I mean, highly informative email) from me was to announce that we were playing at Caffe Trieste. Well since we're doing that again, I'm doing this again.

Same people (Aaaron, Patrick and myself), same genre (French café music, Manouche, Musette, etc.), same instruments (guitars, accordion) but lots of new material, even some Bourrées so you can give your dancing legs some much needed exercise. And as usual lots of French songs so you can gauge how much you remember of your high school French.

Here are the specifics:

- Friday March 27, 8 - 10pm

- Caffe Trieste: 2500 San Pablo Ave, in Berkeley

- no cover

- kids friendly

- good food

Check us out at http://www.bistromoustache.com and like us at http://www.facebook.com/bistromoustache

Hope to see you there. Spread the word, bring friends, dates, neighbors, strangers you met on Bart. The more the merrier. And if you can't come, please send only witty excuses, no lame ones.


If you've already received this email, it's that I like you so much that I wanted to make sure you got this announcement! Or maybe I have 2 email addresses for you; if that's the case, let me know which one(s) of your email addresses I should use.

(if you don't want to receive more Bistro Moustache announcements, send me a note and I'll take you off the mailing list)