2015-04027: 3 Bistro Moustache concerts, right around the corner (again)

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 5:10:55 AM

Do you know Manu? Some of you have that great pleasure, and the rest of you, well you're missing out. He is a great guy, friendly and all, and he knows wine like nobody else. And since he also reads emails carefully, he alerted me to an unfortunate typo: we're playing at Le Charm Thursday the 30th of April, not the 39th.

So if you had given up on coming to see us at Le Charm, don't worry all is good in this world: you can still come, since it's this Thursday. We've never played there but I hear from reliable sources that it's a great place to eat.

The synergy here is just awesome: you spend a wonderful evening with great music and great food, we get to see you enjoy life, and Le Charm asks us back because we filled the place. See, everyone wins,

Our only other gig in SF for now is Chouchou every Sunday, so if you're looking for a mid-week outing, this is it.

As they say in "Old Europe", à Jeudi j'espère.