2015-10-19: Bistro Moustache this week, this month

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 5:15:07 AM

A quick email, because I have to go change strings, sharpen my picks and maybe if there is any time left, practice a little.

Bistro Moustache is quite busy this week:

- Wednesday 10/21, we're at Michel Bistro in Oakland on Lakeshore. You should come because it's our first time there, and the place has excellent food, so you're supporting 2 very worthy causes. No cover charge, just listen as you eat your dinner.

- Thursday 10/22, we cross the bay to play at another fantastic restaurant, Mathilde Bistro, on 5th Street downtown SF. I love the place, because it's super cute, and the food is superb. So really, you should come. No, really..

- And Sunday we're continuing our run at Chouchou Bistro. Even though we've played there many times, I still like it a lot. And I'm sure you will as well. Hot tip: if you bring our business card they'll take 10% off your dinner tab.

After that things quiet down for the rest of October, and as we head down to the holiday season, so you should come to one of these places.

By the way, did you notice a trend, with Bistro Moustache playing at these bistros? We haven't quite cornered the bistro market yet, so if you know another bistro we could add to our roster, in the Bay Area, let us know.

More details, addresses, hours, etc., at www.bistromoustache.com

Happy listening,