2016-06-26: Bistro Moustache Oakland appearances

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 5:19:08 AM

After all this political drama, the I-hate-super-delegates-but-I-want-them versus email-server-in-my-basement decision, the lets-make-that-wall-great-again victory, Brexit, Orlando, all that stuff, you are in dire need of some entertainment, aren't you?

Well to take your mind off of all those traumatic events, here is some good news: we are playing in our own backyard in Oakland! Well technically not MY backyard because it's a mess right now and the dandelions and crabgrass have won the battle, plus there is the matter of my fruit trees. But I digress, back to the point.

First some new updates: we have a new batch of new recordings newly posted on the new site at http://www.bistromoustache.com/music. Well not everything is new there, but I just wanted to use my word of the day (Diacope) just to prove that Bistro Moustache can significantly broaden to your cultural horizon, in addition to the usual drivel of nonsensical and unverified stories I usually tell at our gigs. By I digress again. We're really happy with how these recordings turned out, all done with our own hands and mouths in my basement. I fear there is probably some double entendre in that last sentence, but I'm not sure, so we'll move on.

So now the point of this email. Finally...

Thursday June 30, 7pm: this coming Thursday we'll be at the Terrace Room in Oakland (1800 Madison St -- close to the 19th Street BART station). We'll play for your dinner. And ours. If you've never been to the Terrace Room, it's a beautiful place, right on Lake Merrit. Of course, it's still a beautiful place, even if you've been there. I'm told the food is good too, I'll report in a subsequent email.

Thursday July 14, 6pm: on that French-iest of all French days, we'll celebrate Bastille Day at Campovida in Oakland, a wine bar, at 103 Linden, close to the Port (kind of between the West Oakland BART station and the Jack London ferry terminal, for you non Uber mass transit commuters). Another beautiful place, very intimate and the sound in that room sound is superb, we barely need any amplification. 6pm may be a little too early for the traditional July 14 Bal des Pompiers, fireworks and military parades, but we'll see what we can do about that.

For those not in the know: for Bastille day, all over France, the firemen (the "Pompiers" in the local vernacular) sponsor dances either in the street or in the fire houses, where you can waltz to the sweet sounds of musette accordion, which we happen to feature as well, now, really, how serendipitous is that! By the way, Google translates "bal des pompiers" into "ball of fire", which goes to show that I'm not the only one spreading cultural inaccuracies around here.

We have other appearances later on in August and September, but first we have to honor our European reputation and take our summer vacation. So I'll send another email when we return, with maybe another word of the day.

See you at the Terrace Room and Campovida. More details, addresses, etc., at http://www.bistromoustache.com

Olivier, for Bistro Moustache.