2016-08-30: Bistro Moustache September sightings and hearings

Post date: Aug 30, 2016 12:17:30 PM

Everybody made it back from summer vacation? Yeah, us as well, bummer, right! I mean bummer for the vacation ending, not bummer that we're back.

Anyway, we are full of new energy to to go play a few Bay Area places, most of them familiar to most of you, but they're good places so it's worth coming back.

Before I get to those, let me advertise our website updates: we've got a ton of new photos and videos, along with the new-ish recordings from our home studio (in the "audio" page). I've even updated the front page which had stayed the same for, oh crime of lèse-social-media, almost one year.

Thursday September 1, we're back at Campovida in Oakland, 103 Linden St, from 6pm to 8pm. I love playing at Campovida because 1) it's a beautiful place, and 2) the acoustics are awesome. Plus the wine is good. And there is no cover charge. A little gem close to the Port of Oakland: discover it before everybody does.

Thursday September 15, we're playing at Mathilde, 315 5th Street, San Francisco, from 6:30pm to 9:30. Not an unknown place at all, in fact quite famous amongst the SF foodies, very different than Campovida; still no cover charge though. It's a bustling restaurant, and the food is superbe. We can tailor our tunes to what you're eating, upon request. No, we'won't be strolling around the tables Russian restaurant style.

Sunday September 18, we're playing at the Lafayette Arts and Wine festival, on the Premium Wine stage from noon to 1:30pm. That's a really fun festival and you can listen to us while tasting the products from all the local Contra Costa wineries and food stands. Find the full festival schedule at http://lafayettefestival.com/ (by the way, I am on the website banner photo, rocking the bluegrass bass with my buddies from Savannah Blu; maybe they couldn't find anyone better looking for promo? Just sayin...).

And finally, Friday September 30, we're playing at 101 California, in San Francisco, part of the People in Plazzas series. We did it last year and loved it. Free noontime concert in the middle of the workday, nice way to ease into the week end.

If you need more details, go to http://www.bistromoustache.com,

See you soon, I hope