2017-04-25 - Bistro Moustache news for April / May 2017

Post date: Apr 25, 2017 10:45:06 PM

Hello friends of Bistro Moustache and music in general

As usual, opening with some topical news: contrary to some of the rumors circulating on the interweb, Russian accordionists have not colluded with us to change our repertoire.

And furthermore, some of the corruped media have reported, as the saying goes, that the stories I tell during our shows are, hmmm let's say, leaning toward the alternative side of the factual scale. SAD! I mean, what a sad world we are leaving to future generations if everything we say has to be fact-checked.

OK, with that out of the way, quick, go to your calendar now: our next performance is right around the corner at Cafe Leila, in Berkeley, this coming Saturday, April 29.

And from then on, you can satisfy you Bistro Moustache addiction by coming to see us just about every week:

- Sunday 5/7 at Campovida in Oakland

- Friday 5/12 at Britt Marie's in Albany

- Thursday 5/18 at Mathilde in SF

(take a vacation from Bistro Moustache here -- see also the Side Note below)

- Sunday 6/4 at the Monkey House in Berkeley

- Sunday 6/11 at Campovida in Oakland.

By the way, June 4, our good friends from La Guinguette are opening, so you have double the incentive to come that day.

All the details for those dates are on the web site http://www.bistromoustache.com, and it's a good idea to check the Calendar page often because things can change, shows are added, some changed, all this according to the whims of the musical and calendaring gods. A bad combo of gods if there ever was one.

You can also follow us on Facebook, and you'll automatically get all the concert dates.

(Side Note: each of us also plays in other bands, so friend us individually on Facebook so you know when to come hear us play other things like Klezmer, Irish, Bluegrass, Rock, Jazz, etc.).

So, keep on listening to music, and come to our shows.

Olivier, for Bistro Moustache.