Bistro Moustache news for September 2017

Post date: Aug 28, 2017 7:40:46 PM

Hello again Bistro Moustache fans, friends, or merely email recipients.

With the summer vacation behind us [queue sad music in the background], we're back for a series of new dates [queue happy music].

After all that recent nonsense of invisible eclipse, bigots' provocations and eventual no-shows, sheriff pardons, white house comings and mostly goings, it's time to get back to the serious business of music. At least in music we can all agree that there are good people on both sides, the performers and the audience. (By the way, when cabinet members get fired, I wonder what they put as a reason on their unemployment claim?)

OK, so now the up-coming events:

In a week or so, on Friday September 1st, we'll play in the Oakland Museum Of California, part of the Friday Nights at the OMCA series. We will prove once and for all that the French cultural influence on the Bay Area goes beyond Ebay (look it up!). Since we're a trio, each one of us could certainly be associated with either the Art Exhibit, the Historical Collection or the Natural Sciences; you can come tell us face-to-face who fits where at 6:30pm in the Oak Street Plazza.

Then on September 9, 6:30pm again, we'll be at Cafe Leila in Berkeley, playing for your dinner (and ours). I love that place, it's pretty, the acoustics are very good, and the food too. Insider tip: they don't sell wine, so BYOB is OK.

On September 14, we'll play a concert at the San Francisco Alliance Française, which really is a pretty fitting venue for all our French singing. (Note to self: people will pay attention so stop mumbling incomprehensible charabia when forgetting song lyrics.) We've never played there but I hear it's a great theater. Seating is limited so better reserve a place. I don't have a URL for that yet, but I'll post it on the website as as soon as I get it.

On September 21, we're back at Mathilde in San Francisco, for our regular food + music series. Not that I'm biased or anything, but since you HAVE to try the food there because it's excellent, why not do it on a day we play?

Word to the wise: show times change, new gigs get added, some even get cancelled, so be sure to visit the Bistro Moustache site at for any updates, or follow us at

See you soon,

Olivier, for Bistro Moustache.