Bistro Moustache has been together as a band since late 2014. We are:

Charlie Hancock: accordion

After cutting his teeth playing disco & punk rock in 1970's Los Angeles, Charlie Hancock has lived for the last 30 years in the Bay Area, playing piano & accordion mostly for folk and swing dancers. He is a member of the quartet Euphonia and several contra dance bands, and has recorded with Sylvia Herold, Cathie Whitesides, Ray Bierl, & Holly Tannen. He studied jazz piano with Mark Levine.

Olivier Zyngier: vocals, guitar, mandolin

Paris born Olivier Zyngier founded Bistro Moustache specifically to showcase the French café music, a genre he (re)discovered long after moving to the United States. He has played bass, guitar and mandolin in a variety of musical styles, including Bluegrass, Western Swing, Country, Gypsy Swing, Irish folk, French traditional, Klezmer, Balkan, Choros, etc. He is also or was previously with the Baguette Quartette, the Mandorian Candidates mandolin trio, Swing Tonic, Douce Ambiance, Redwing Bluegrass band, and the elusive Instant Klezmer Mandolin Orchestra.

Richard Southwick: guitar, clarinet

Born in Boston, Richard joined his first band when he was 16, and had to sneak into the clubs to play under the suspicious gaze of club owners. Since then, he's played up and down both US coasts, and in England. He's played in a wide variety of jazz, blues and R&B groups, on guitar, saxophone and clarinet.


The guys are SO MUCH FUN! We had them play for our wedding, including the pre-ceremony welcome hour and the cocktail hour, and they were a perfect fit. We just told them a few tunes that we enjoy and turned them loose. Even some of our professional musician friends and a few guests from Paris were impressed we found such a great band. Beyond that, they're just really wonderful guys who were incredibly easy to work with. I highly recommend them!

(From Chris and Sarah's wedding, May 2018)


Bistro Moustache logo by Daniel Zyngier (Olivier's brother), an artist residing in Millau, France.

We use John Pearse strings and picks for their guitars and mandolins


Thanks to these two awesome musicians whom I had the pleasure of playing with for a while, you should check them out on Facebook: Aaron Seeman (accordion) and Patrick Anseth (guitar).