2015-04-20: 3 Bistro Moustache concerts, right around the corner

Post date: Jun 29, 2016 5:04:46 AM

First in the East Bay:

- this coming Friday, the 24th,at Caffe Trieste in Berkeley, San Pablo and Dwight.

Then in San Francisco:

- 2 days later on Sunday the 26th at Chouchou Bistro.

- and on the 39th at Le Charm French Bistro on 5th street.

We'd love to see you (yes, YOU) there.

And for Chouchou, remember, you get 10% off your dinner tab with our card. So here is the plan: you come see us at Caffe Trieste, get a card, then 2 days later, go to Chouchou and splurge with your 10% discount.

And for an even better deal, you come see us again at Le Charm, get another card, and then you come to Chouchou on May 3rd for another 10%.

Details and more info at http://www.bistromoustache.com.